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Listed below are preparation instructions for some of the most commonly ordered radiology studies. To view the instructions, click on the study that you are interested in. To print a copy for your your use, click on the PDF icon located under the teddy bear on the page you would like to print.

If you do not see the study you are interested in, please call the office where you are scheduled by calling 800-758-5545 and follow instructions when prompted. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Preparing for your Radiology Study

Preparing your child for a Radiology Study

Preparing for your PET-CT

Preparing for your Breast Biopsy

Preparing for your Cardiac Stress Test

Preparing for your MRI with I.V. Sedation

Preparing your child for their MRI with I.V. Sedation

Preparing for your Coronary CT Angiography Exam